Have you checked the price of running ads in your local newspaper? What about just one ad in a national magazine? The prices for one week or month can be quite steep! And you only get a limited audience and exposure. Imagine having WORLD-WIDE exposure. That must cost a lot more, right?

WRONG! It is possible to have world-wide exposure for less than an ad in your local newspaper or favorite magazine. That's where CadCol Web Publishing & Design can help you. Not only will you get all the features mentioned already, but also professional service and treatment - all for a very fair price.
Introductory web site packages start as low as

Your site can be as simple or as intricate as your business requires. You could have a simple descriptive site or provide a full color catalog that takes orders via your fax or email -
There's a solution and package for every business need.

So call today to find out how your business will benefit from Internet advertising!

Let CadCol Web Publishing & Design put you into the future.

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For more information, and an explanation on how your company will benefit from having a home on the Web contac

Let CadCol Web Publishing & Design put you into the future.

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